Need help with an Idle animation

I want to go for a neat idle animation, but I feel like I’m doing something wrong.
Would this fit into an RPG / Fighting Game? Need Feedback and suggestions!
(It mostly uses [Back, Out] and [Sine, InOut] Easing styles)

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Looks great! I would just make the transition from when his shoulders go down to up smoother (I can’t tell, but it looks like the animation pauses slightly)

Hmm, maybe it’s because of the easing style?

Maybe. TBH I don’t know enough about animation to answer accurately

Since there’s just the moving up and down of the arms, I think the pause is caused by the Back easing style, think of it like moving your hand 5cm, you move a bit farther, like 6cm and then go back to 5cm

I can’t pinpoint what’s wrong but you can try/fix these things:

  • arms shouldn’t be curved inwards (that’s unnatural)
  • easing style should change (too quick)
  • when the arms move back, they should move back more
  • torso is too static, add some rotation
  • it’s okay to add imperfections, as those look natural to us
  • head bobs up too quickly
  • arms should lag behind the legs a little more (so does the head!)