Need help with Animations

Hey! I’m trying to have a custom walking animation in my game, but I ran over some issues!
It appears, when I toggle animations to “Standard” in ROBLOX settings, The Animations are set to default, meaning the custom animation I put in place wouldn’t work,

Currently, I have the “Animate” localscript that I extracted from a in-game player, Put in StarterCharacterScripts which I expected to work, but it didn’t.

When I tried to put something similar in Workspace, Priorities started interfering and cancelling the animations, and such.

I’d appriciate some help as animations are a major factor for my game as of its current state!
It may seem really easy for you, but I’m new to this kind of stuff, I’ve asked my Scripter but he apparently doesn’t know why it happens, and referred me to ask here.


Assuming using the Standard toggle in the Animations section of Game Settings also zeroes out the animation fields in a HumanoidDescription, you can just use that object to override animations. When the character spawns (use appearance loaded), get the Humanoid’s applied description and set the animation values you want, then apply it back.

For more information on HumanoidDescriptions, please see the related article, HumanoidDescription System.


Yeah I was thinking that was the reason, but mostly had my head scratching that it worked when it was in StarterCharacterScripts, I’ll foward it to my scripter, Thanks.