Need help with building layout

Something about the layout and materials seems off, please give me ideas to improve it

Please note it is unfinished.
Pool chairs are placeholders

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It looks good! In the last picture i get its unfiished but you should add a glass coffee table, with some stuff on it. I feel like it would match with the astetic of the game

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The door is wrongly sized; the upper roof looks too low (probably due to the door). The lamps (the models, not the lights) are too big too. They’re the size of large spotlights, which makes the fact that there’s like 20 stand out. The railing is too high; kids would fall through. I’d raise the stone perimeter. Interior scene is very overlit, get rid of 90% of the lighting. Detail is contrast; blasting the lights removes the shadows and turns everything uniform.

Thank you for real feedback. Is this better?
I raised the roof, scaled the lights and fixed the lighting,

Also, what do you mean the door is wrongly sized, is it too big or small? And the railing has glass its just hard to tell in the pics

The ratio of things is wrong. Some things are too big, some things are too small. That door is the most recognizable thing in the frame, but it’s either too big or the rest of the map too small. Also, it’s too wide for a door that leads to the roof.

And I can see the glass. It’d be better if you made the railing low, and the stone wall a bit higher. Like a handrail