Need help with certain game map set up that includes the terrain

Hello, my name is Hydorr and I am from Empire Entertainment. We are currently working on a game but hit a certain issue and wondering how to overcome it. Not sure if this is the correct section but here we go.

  1. What do you want to achieve? We are currently building a terrain map which actually uses Roblox terrain.

  2. What is the issue? Wondering if it is possible to then copy that map and insert it into another game. The issue is that that map should have the ability to be replicable. Basically the way it would work is that the player will enter a lobby and then select to enter the battle. He will then be directed to a private instance which should have that map. Now as far as I am aware, the terrain in Roblox can not be copied, so how we overcome that. Another issue is that we might need to transfer the map from the actual game we are making it in, to another game is it somehow possible?

  3. What solutions have you thought of so far? So we know of the plugin that is called: Part to Terrain. Not sure if that will even help as it usually removes the “part” so it’s not even copiable.

IF you have more questions or need to clarify something feel free to ask, I will respond within minutes unless it’s really late for me, I am in EST timezone.

So we played around with some stuff and found that you can export terrain as a mesh, however the issue with that is that it exports it as grey and it also resizes it to very small.
This however will not work with replicating though. So no go

Okay, so we found a plugin with which we are able to Save and Load Terrain.
This is how it looks like:
This also provides a script that can replicate this saved terrain. Issue solved

Guess I’ll post these links here as well - things that could’ve been searched for first before posting. If you had a Terrain question, the documentation probably could’ve answered this for you.

Good for run time copying though. If you needed just to transfer terrain between project files, the plugin you found would probably be more than enough for you.