Need Help with CFrame Positioning

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    I want to make the object sit on the surface and face the same direction of my HumanoidRootpart
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    The issue is that My attempts have failed and I lack much knowledge on cframes
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    Yeah I’ve looked for many Ive tried making an attachment at the desired position but it still doesn’t work
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	local Char = plr.Character
	local HRP = Char.HumanoidRootPart
	local Center = HRP.Center
	local LeftLeg = Char['Left Leg']
	local RightLeg = Char['Right Leg']

	local RotationCFrame = HRP.CFrame - HRP.CFrame.Position 
	local ModelClone = Model:Clone()
	ModelClone.Parent = Char

I have the angle of the humanoidrootpart set up but making the part sit on the surface is the confusing part thanks

Skimmed this over, you want a model/part to face the character correct?

I Want my part to be like this, sitting ontop of the surface and facing the same direction as the character

So you want it in the character at all times like an accessory?

Yeah pretty much Like in a prop hunt game

You dont really need to script for this, Use a weld

that is not what i want to do though?

explain better try to give some better visuals as well

use WeldConstraint tho, otherwise the weld may change the position of thing you attached.

You should just use a weld man, (weldconstraint would be fine too, but stick to welds)

i never saw WeldConstraint did trouble before, all votes to WeldConstraint!

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To be honest - this doesnt apply to the current situation - but welds have cframe offsets :sunglasses:

i honestly use scripts to set welds C0 and C1

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No way >:O
NANI !? but WeldConstraint doesnt need cframe since they just stick 1 thing to another B)

Ok ok ok - but… isnt that what welds do too :joy:? anyways wouldnt lookVector work for this?

See what I want to do is when pressing E u transform into thee object you pressed e on (proximity prompt) and i want the part to be positioned on the surface of the floor and to my knowledge you cant do that, I already have the direction of the part set up but I want the cframe positioning

This is what I want to accomplish

Alright i get it now let me think for a bit

so you want real solution? challenge accepted,
lets do it without welds :sunglasses:

workspace.part.position = character.torso.position
workspace.part.orientation = character.torso.orientation
workspace.part.WeldConstraint.part1 = workspace.part
workspace.part.WeldConstraint.part2 = character.torso

dont even need to use cframe this is how B)

That will only put the part on the middle of the character correct? I want my part to be at the bottom on the surface. Sorry I’m not really good with explaining

workspace.part.position = character.torso.position - (if part is hovering put a number here)
workspace.part.orientation = character.torso.orientation
workspace.part.WeldConstraint.part1 = workspace.part
workspace.part.WeldConstraint.part2 = character.torso