Need help with coming up with a battle transition

Hello! I’m currently working on a turn-based RPG and I need some inspiration with coming up with a transition into the battle screen. What I have right now is a bit… bland. (See it here.)

I’ve tried looking up compilations of battle transitions but such a thing doesn’t seem to exist. Honestly I’m open to any ideas as long as it’s consistent with my other UI. One thing I thought about was doing something with viewport frames but I still draw a blank.

Thank you for taking the time read this!


Have you tried visual effects, like zooming in, blurring the screen? I think they’d help add drama, along with a more impactful sound effect when the transition is starting maybe.

Maybe you can add the logo of the game in the middle (or a placeholder) and add a breathing effect (growing/shrinking)

At one point I had the screen zoom in but for some reason I removed it and I’m not sure why. You do weird stuff when you use studio at almost 1 in the morning. But I think you’re right a Zoom + blur effect would be a good starting point!

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