Need help with cooldown effect Gui sizing

Hi! I’m trying to make skill cool down effect. but I have problem with position.

this is 100% of cooldown that I want

and this is 10% of cooldown

my problem is to make the white thing to bottom and when I add size variable it will go up.
Thank for help!

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Consider modifying the AnchorPoint to be (0, 1) and then getting a decimal to use as the scale value for the white bar. Sizes on an AnchorPoint of this Vector2 will occur upwards so any sizing changes you apply will show the bar moving upward.


I still have no idea. can u show some example?

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Another point: Remember that not every keyboard has a y in the same place.

Source: File:Keyboard-recommended-Latin-layout-ISOIEC-9995-2.png - Wikimedia Commons

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