Need help with custom animation plugin

Hello, this is my first DevForum post so I’m still learning about the DevForum, anyways I need a bit of help with a plugin I’m trying to make.

What am I trying to achieve? I’m trying to make a custom animation plugin - kind of like the Blender 2.9 Animator that uses keyframes and graphs. I attached a photo of the Blender graph editor below:

What is the issue? I am still kind of new to making plugins in Roblox, but I have done some very advanced stuff in the past (e.g. perlin noise map generation). I don’t know the best way to approach how it’s going to work, should I use CFrame?

What solutions have I tried? So far, I haven’t made that much progress. All I’ve done is got the toolbar button working and working on the gui.

Please leave any suggestions on how I should do this because there aren’t many articles on making a custom animator plugin. Thank you.