Need help with Datastores? Kohls Admin?

Any OG developer, or player would know that there was point where EPIX and Kohls were the main free go-to admin modules for ROBLOX games. Especially around Mid 2010s. However, now we are served with the consequences of having to delete lots of keys from those datastores requested by the GDPR.

I have used a simple code to recover all the datastores in my game, and I hope that it works as well as I am seeing it.

local Datastore = game:GetService('DataStoreService')

for i,v in pairs(Datastore:GetDescendants()) do

print(i .. " " .. v)


Finding the datastore wasn’t even a problem. The problem is I can’t find the ID that I need to delete. Is there anyway to pull of the names located in datastores, or find a key that contains a certain pattern of strings?

Any ideas?

Have you tried using the Datastore editing plugin?

Yes, I have. That’s what I used to search through for the keys, but the key is not saved directly to it? Would deleting the datastore entirely also have the same effect?

If they key is not preserved directly too it then how about you do just that?

I’m currently trying to see if there is any alternatives to do this before I do that. It’s kind of as a last resort, and I am not entirely sure if it solves the problem completely.

The best I can do for you is maybe endeavor utilizing DatatStore2