Need help with event

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Need help with event.

I am having a event for my sword fighting clan, [NRPG] Yuki Clan, and I need ideas for what to do for our 100 members event. I am going to make a event game, but I need ideas for what to build. I thought about just using Party Place (the game created by Roblox admins). But I decided not.

Please reply with your ideas for what I should do, I need help asap

Founder of Yuki Clan

Maybe try a battle royale sf event for a prize, or a tournament.

sword fighting, obbies, battle royales. use a vip server

Nice ideas. I will make a sf battle royal tournament. Thanks for your help!

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Hi, I’m Dylan, the Roblox Studio Beginner’s Helper, Events; like: Jailbreak and more games are for professionals like me. I can tell you how to make an event using Script, LocalScript and PartScript. Tomorrow I’ll tell you more.

Uhm… what? (30 characters!!)

Let’s start. 1. Have patience and effort at events. 2. If you are not intermediate, try looking in the ToolBox, you may find something similar. 3. Find videos of events that you want to do. On YouTube etc… 4. Final, Try to make something move or blink with LocalScipt, which is for people to move or have some object, Script, which is for the Player’s HUD or the Object. BlockScipt, which is for blocks to move according to you. Have a good event. :grin:


I didn’t really need any help but… thanks? :123: