Need help with explosion

I am trying to create an explosion ball that touches parts and un-anchors and turns everything to concrete – however I can’t find a way to do this.
I am using .Touched and the parts don’t seem to un-anchor or turn into concrete but when I did a print (to check if everything was working) the print was working. Here is the line of script:

	print("got hit by nuke")
	Hit.Anchored = false
	Hit.Material = Enum.Material.Concrete

Any help please?

Try doing print(Hit) to see if it hit the thing you wanted to be hit, it might’ve hit something else somehow and print out “got hit by nuke” anyways.

as you can see, the parts that i wanted to get hit still got hit, but they never got unanchored, i have no idea why this happens.

That’s printing the part’s name, not the custom message you wrote.

Could any of the parts be possibly welded or glued to any other part?

You could always try BreakJoints()

they’re not welded or glued to any part, and I think it will be hard to do this because the map has already been built. Is there any other way?