Need help with finding source of lag spikes(Microprofiler)

Hey there pro scripters

Me and some friends are making a game, and after some time in the server, we begin to experiance some major lag spikes. Even to the point where the server crashes(Happens Alot Quicker with more players). I just cant seem to figure out what causes it.
here are some pics of the microprofiler and what seems to be the cause. (I have like no idea what the labels mean, also idk where to find where the microprofiler dumps the logs, so thats why its just screenshots)

i just use a standard setup with a local script that fires a remoteevent when pressing the right button. But all the animations is played server side, so could that be the cause? i also use some global variables(im not sure if this is what they are called, but its the local variables without the local part)
ive looked through the server script and made sure all animations are destroyed after use but that didnt work… soo any of u guys have any idea on what could have caused this?

ive spent the last 3 days scouting the internet for any clues on to what the labels could mean, but no luck.

i just need to be pointed in the right direction so any feedback would be appreciated alot