Need help with fixing a script

I found this script and I was wondering how I can make it work. What it should do is open a website. But it doesnt do anything.

Site = ""

site = string.gsub(string.gsub(Site,"/","\\"),":\\\\","://").."?"

Thank you in advance.

This may have possibly been removed, or not made for developers and for CoreScripts. It’s not anywhere on the documentation, so it probably doesn’t exist. This would seem like a pretty risky feature with everywhere you could take someone on the internet, so I can understand why this wouldn’t exist.

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I think it may be for corescripts. Is there anyway to use it still?

No, you cannot use this. It will throw an error of not having the permission if it exists for CoreScripts, or say it’s not a valid member of GuiService if it doesn’t exist.

Alright. thank you for telling me.