Need help with GFX

I want to make my gfx with smooth posing avatars.

Example: image


I don’t really know how to do it.

I’ve watched many tutorials on Youtube for people using a plugin on blender but I’m not good with that so I need a simple solution for this.

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You haven’t given us much information on what you have tried but here are somethings I think could help:

  • Try using a gfx rig - There are many on YouTube and they are super easy to get used to
  • To start off, try and downloading an hdri and use that as lighting. It makes the lighting looks smooth and in some cases realistic.
  • If you are still struggling I recommend to watch Pickle Pie on YouTube, they got me to where I am and she could help you improve aswell!

If you have any other questions feel free to ask!

Hello, you can do it in Roblox Studio i recommend Moon Animator (Moon Animator 2 - Roblox). Or you can Download a rig for Blender there you can watch a tutorial called like “How to make a GFX in blender”! you can download a HDR file for the background and lights!

Thanks, I think the rigs will work.

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I tried making in studio and I already use HDR.


yes, studio rigs are not smooth as they are not meant for gfx

According to what I know I had this problem before when I used to render with Eevee but when I started using the Cycles Render engine the avatar comes out pretty smooth and even the contrast and quality is far better.
In case you’re already rendering in cycles then I prefer you to use an HDRI or a different Roblox Rig or maybe I suggest you adjust the lighting and maybe play with the lighting settings for the perfect render. :smile:

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