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Hello. I’m trying to see how to allow every player but the character to see a GUI. In simple terms I want to know how to make it where the gui is invisible to the player only. This would help me out!

what? your sentence doesn’t make sense. can you restructure it clearly and concisely

you are wanting a gui invisible to self basically and not other players, but at the same time this would be invisible for every freaking player

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Couldn’t you just set the Enabled property to false? I’m not sure I follow

Both the Player and Character are 2 separate things, if you make it invisible to the Player only, you’re just setting their GuiObject inside the PlayerGui invisible

The Character is literally the Character Model that’s inside the workspace

i dont understand the question? could you give us a little more context?

I want to make a GUI that’s invisible to me but everyone, (the player)

Uhmmmm, all GUI changes and property can only be seen by you? (If you use a local script)

I meant invisible to me, but to everyone its there. typo

Then just change the Visible property in the local script.

I’m trying to do that with a billboard GUI but I forgot how, and I can’t find anything that can help.

“I want to make a GUI that’s invisible to me but (not to) everyone”

have the gui visible=true

fireclient a remote whenever to the target player when you are wanting to

set the billboardgui.visible=false.

this is psuedo explanation, please refer to api for proper formatting and properties.

alright let me try i’ll let you know

I made something similiar, made a local script inside the billboard then added this:

if game.Players.LocalPlayer.Name then

script.Parent.Visible = false


script.Parent.Visible = true


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