Need help with in game GUIs

Hello! I’m in need of someone to help me with some GUIs. I have the resources, but I don’t know how to position it. Please contact me in DMs if interested in helping, then we can team create. Thank you!

(notice how the time isn’t inside the scroll, and how thew GUI isn’t top centre?)

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I can see that but there was an issue with the GUI like this one:
I hope you take it slowly and make perfect if you do it fast the GUI not look quite right and there will be much more time to take. so you must make it slow and steady. soon it will look much more perfect and the game will be much more functional for other players. I hope you get this reply and fix this issue you have made

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Sorry? I don’t understand anything here? The issue is that it isn’t centred nor are the GUIs correctly placed inside each other. I need it to be the same across all computer resolutions, too.


To have a GUI that shows up in the same spot for every screen you will need to use offset for size and scale and offset for positioning.

Always use offset for sizing: {0, 100}, {0, 100}

For positioning you will need to use both scale and offset. Scale is the percentage of the screen you want the gui to be at, offset puts an offset that will make the GUI appear the same on all screens.


I’ll try, still don’t really understand much

Well I tried and got nowhere, still need help :flushed:

I would try putting the scroll image and the text label inside of a frame, then centering it by making it’s position {0.5, 0, 0, 0} and anchor point {0.5, 0}. Sort of like this:
Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 4.19.42 PM
If you use scale instead of offset for size and position, it will position it according to the screen size. Also, frames make sure things stay together. An example is here: (I know it’s not the exact scroll you used, but I tried my best :scroll: )
The time stays in the scroll, and the scroll stays in the center.
I made an open-source version (Time Scroll Gui - Roblox) so you can check it out.

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This is exactly what I wanted and explains it very well, thank you :smiley: any idea how to make the scroll unable to get squished/go wide, but still scale?

I’m not sure… I’ve got a few ideas that might make that work, though! :smile:
I’ll try them ASAP and then get back to you.

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Thank you :slight_smile: Roblox be taking forever to accept my scroll image

Have you tried using scale AND offset for the size of the image? If you set the Y offset to 200 (pixels), it will never be smaller than 200 pixels, and won’t get squished.

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I will try that, thank you very much :slight_smile: