Need help with multiplayer


I’m making a Christmas Quiz the past week.
And I got the codes for the questions and answers.

But the problem is that the players can play the quiz in a server without any other players, but now with each other.

So to go in further details I need a button only for the host, that would be me for now. And when I press button(I already have a button) the next question should appear for everyone at the same time so they can start equally.

Thats basically what I need and what I can’t do or don’t know how to do.

So if anyone knows a answer to fix my problem that would be awesome!!

Here’s the explorer if you need it:

The themes are:

  • Quiz1
  • Quiz2
  • Quiz3
  • Quiz4

Those are the themes with their own questions and answers.

In every theme are some TextLabels with a name Correct or Wrong those indicate if you have the answer right or wrong. You probably knew that before this. Anyways…

Inside those specific questions are buttons with the name Next.

As you can see here:


Those buttons should only appear for me (henrydanger5472). And if I press it all players should get a question in front of them.

Hope you have enough information to help me with this.

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