Need help with my UI

Hello, there is a problem with my UI design!

The problem is that It does not come out the right way as expected.
It won’t show at the middle of the screen.

This is how I want it in Roblox Studio

But this is the output for the game:

I tried using an Emulation> Device’s It still does not work.
Is there a way to fix this problem?


Are you using scale or offset?

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Scale that is what I am using.


You can use this plugin

Click on Frame > Add Constraint > Scale

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Can you teach me how to use it?

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I already did

That is the only thing you have to do
By Frame I mean, the Main Frame where is all the content :+1:

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Thank you for your help!

Now I can test that.

I hope I have helped you, if it doesn’t work DM me