Need help with noblox.js

So, I wanna make a ban system with discord. But, the problem is when no server is running on my game, no server will confirm that ban.

So, I want my noblox bot to join a game. And then I’ll send the bot into a private server so that players have a great gameplay experience.

How to make noblox bot join a game, however. Is there any solution?

Simple answer: you can’t.

If you wanted to achieve a ban system that can be used through discord commands, you can start your own server and database as a banlist.

Create an api endpoint that allows the game servers to determine whether a player is banned or no, this would allow you to ban experiencers from your experience while no server is running.

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Great! Thank you! I’ll try this as best as I could!

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He’s correct, however a good compromise I can recommend is to use a Trello board then just use their API to get a list of cards with the banned users. This is what I do for my game and you’re basically using trello as the database. (Although it removes the convenience of using a bot)