Need help with ragdoll

Doesen’t matter anymore. The guy is a scammer. Scripted for him and he kicked me out group and banned be and blocked contact. I was meant to get 40%

His roblox profile: 2Pac - Roblox “2pac_c”

game link: [ Content Deleted ] - Roblox

Is there any official way to report for something like this?


Unfortunately I don’t think there is. Really unfortunate that’s happened to you, don’t let it scare you off development - count yourself lucky that it happened earlier on in the development and not when it started to procure revenue! Get working on your next venture :slight_smile:

You’re sure to have some mini mod enter this thread in a moment to tell you how you’ve posted this in the wrong forum, so I’d recommend you remove it so you don’t get moderation action.

Good luck in future, and sorry that happened to you.