Need help with sending teleportData

So I want to teleport the player FULLY from a server script with teleport data, and then when they join access that data FULLY from another server script. I don’t need remotes firing or a client script. Will that be possible to do?

You can use the server script to change the CFrame of the


to whereever you want your player to be.

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What’s your reasoning for avoiding using remoteevents and remotefunctions? Generally it looks like the only provided methods and events are localplayer only.

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I have over 1,000 games that I’m teleporting to and they currently don’t have any remotes in them. that’s why I’m wondering if there might be a way to access teleportdata from purely a server script, and send it from a server script

I can ask around, but generally looking at getting teleportdata is not possible from the server only. In regards to managing a lot of places(I assume you’re using a universe with generated places), for future reference perhaps see about using packages to better manage your game’s code and assets across a larger assortment of places.

Really tough situation all around.

I have one Model that is synced to all 1,000+ places. Each place has a serverscript that loads that model. Would that assist in getting teleportdata from only the server script?

Okay, was told to look into :GetJoinData(), a method of player (kudos @Wrathsong )

Yes I tried that. So basically what I’m doing is I have a table of around 700 integer values. I load those with a proxy and it takes very long. What I’m thinking is I can send that table like this
and I want to reaccess it upon joining the same game that way it doesn’t need to be loaded again. I just don’t know how to go about it

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:GetJoinData() returns a dictionary of values including the teleportdata the player was teleported in with. Using it on a player after they’ve joined(usually with PlayerAdded) should return a list of different values, you specifically want to check the “TeleportData” key in that return.

Edit: You should be able to access this like so: player:GetJoinData().TeleportData

Got it, that helped me access. Just need help now on how to initiate a teleport with the teleportData that has the table
Edit: Tried this but it says, “Unable to cast value to objects”

			badgeData = badge; --badge is a table of values
		local teleportOptions ="TeleportOptions")

		game:GetService("TeleportService"):TeleportAsync(game.PlaceId,p, teleportOptions)```

Second argument takes an array, usually used for sending multiple players at once. Try setting p to {p} instead

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