Need help with textures not filling in completely on a blender import

The textures are placed with textureIDs in studio and i already made sure that they cover every side.
also made sure to add the solidify modifier before importing as well but i still get the spots where the texture doesnt cover up

Few questions:

Can we see the UV map?
Can we see the texture?

And most importantly, why did you use the Solidify modifier?

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Im actually new to blender so the person who taught me how to export cloth stuff in blender to studio told me to add on a solidify modifier before exporting

i didnt map it to uv before exporting, i simply paused the cloth physics at the frame i wanted, deleted everything else before exporting and ctrl z

the textures are added on with textureIDs in studio, not blender

When you say TextureIds, do you mean the Texture Object, or an image texture that’s an asset is in the MeshPart? It’s an important distinction.

Also, can you share the mesh file? I see some odd behavior with the material that’s likely due to the Solidify mod, but I want to be sure :slightly_smiling_face:

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