Need Help with Texturing Tophat

Hello there!

It’s me Cult.

I was thinking about making a Tophat with Blender sometime this week, And so I did.
I am also new to Blender

And About today I have made a hat, A Tophat it is. And I was making a Decal for it so it will give the hat more colour rather then just a plain grey colour.

. I have made a Decal for it, But… when i copy the ID of the Decal and paste it into the mesh,then it just turn’s out to be something different to what I wanted it to be.


  1. The band of the *Tophat turn’s out with the colour red and black. Which i only wanted it to be red.
  2. The top of the Tophat turn’s out with the colour red and black, but it’s mostly red.
  3. And the round part of the Tophat, it’s all red and barely any black on it.

Here is the template of the Mesh.


So… I don’t know which part is which from the template of the Tophat that I painted.
Give me feedback on what I can do…

I think this one made Natalie Clabo will probably help you when texturing a top hat.