Need help with Triggered and finding the team

Hello! I hope you are having a great day! I have a little problem. This little else statement won’t work.

	if plr.Team.Name == "Criminal" or "Villains" then
		script.Parent.Enabled = false
		plr.leaderstats.Money.Value += 500
		game.ReplicatedStorage.BottomMessage:FireClient(plr, "You have sucessfully robbed $500!")
		script.Parent.Parent.SurfaceGui.SIGN.Text = "Out of order. Please try again later. "
		wait(10) --300 real, 10 for testing
		script.Parent.Enabled = true
		script.Parent.Parent.SurfaceGui.SIGN.Text = "Welcome to Jail City Self Bank Station!"
		game.ReplicatedStorage.BottomMessage:FireClient(plr, "You cannot rob the ATM. You are on a team of good. ")

What im trying to accomplish here is if the player is not on team Criminal or Villains, they will get a message on their screen.

If you can help, thanks, WE

if plr.Team.Name == "Criminal" or plr.Team.Name == "Villains" then