Need help with TweenService

Hello I am a still learning roblox scripting. I found many developers use the TweenService.
I looked through developer forum but as I am poor at English I can’t understand it.
Can any of you tell me How this service works in plain English? Thanks!

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TweenService allows you to smoothly animate certain properties of objects such as
Vector3 (Commonly used for Position, Rotation, etc.)
CFrame (A 4D Vector used to represent position and rotation)
(As long as it’s a number it can be tweened)

You can create a Tween using the following function

local Tween = TweenService:Create( object, TweenInfo, properties)

Object: The object you want to tween
TweenInfo: a datatype created with, EasingStyle, EasingDirection)
Properties: A dictionary representing what properties can be changed, eg:

{Color =,0,0)} --changes the part color to Really red

Tweens can be played using Tween:Play() and they can they be stopped with Tween:Cancel()
If you want to listen for a tween completion/cancelation, you can use the event (a thing that happened) Tween.Completed, this will fire if the tween completes but also if it cancels, it returns a Boolean (true/false) if it completed or not.


OMG Thanks. It will help me a lot.