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  • Hello there! Im xXSnowman_22Xx a small game developer that wants to bring joy to the community of roblox! Details & more below! :smiley:



  • I’m in need of a story icon like this one ^^

More details!

  • Instead of “Daycare Story” i want Pumpkin Patch and Story on the bottom. I want the almost same exact text with Orange as the top and white as the bottem.


  • I want the background to have the rays like this icon ^^ - But a darker black then a little lighter black (If you don’t understand contact me on discord)

  • Next i want the stuff on the top these things (Pumpkin’s, scarecrow, Haunted house (or old house) Spiderweb, candy, and a witch hat) – Contact me on discord for items i want them like. **Make sure that the items are outlined in a thin black line like the icon “Daycare one”

^^ That’s all i want for the icon


  • I can pay robux, through T-Shirt. Prices are negotiable

Anywhere from 100-1k


Discord - ii_J8x#6312
Below! :smiley:

Thanks and have a good day!

Hello, My friend Pepper_LeonarE has made a new Icon with all the items you have requested. The one he showed you yesterday was to show you the pumpkins and other features he will include for the final product. He’s requesting a second chance because he’s put hours of work into it and has worked all day to make an all-new one with everything you wanted. Please consider recontacting him on discord…
Thanks - @TyPlays_YT, @Pepper_LeonarE’s friend

Hey there @TyPlays_YT i gave him multiple tries, and he did not do what i wanted. I already told him that i got someone and they did it. If he wants me to see it tell him to contact me on discord.

Thanks for responding back so quickly! It seems that he can’t get in contact because he’s been kicked from your server on Discord. He is willing to show you what his new version is. Hopefully he can show you what he’s working on so far.

Thank you, again - @TyPlays_YT

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