Need ideas for a game

First of all, I’d like to apologize if this is the wrong category. I need suggestions for a game we’re currently working on. So far, we’ve got a low poly map, what would the perfect fit genre be? What should the game be about? We’ve got a very beautiful cinematic introduction at the start made by @Kennycell . (thanks) and I was wondering what would be the perfect fit.
You can see our progress here


Well, low-poly maps usually consist of simulators, open world games and general role-play games like Adopt Me. So, I would focus on those kind of forms of games as they at least trending throughout the Roblox platform and they’re fairly enjoyable to create.


Might wanna take a look at your frames, they remain on screen after pressing the play button. Besides that, the cinematic is superb :ok_hand:


It looks like a simulator map, from what I can see in the intro. I like what it looks like so far! but when you press play the screen freezes and stays gray.

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yeah it’s still a work in progress. Also we don’t really wanna go for a simulator as there are way too many of them in the community. + simulators die very quickly because you can only level up so much, what we’re thinking right now is making an adventure game, something like jailbreak but in the old west, or like a futuristic game that’ll keep players satisfied and they’ll be able to discover new parts of the map in each update.