Need Ideas for a Library Map

In the past couple of days I was building a library map and I want to add more stuff to it because it looks kind of empty so I brought this topic up here to ask for help with ideas so I can make this better and have a nice look.

Stuff Added

  • Reception
  • Computer room
  • Bookshelves
  • Bathrooms
  • Secret pathways

Can you please take pictures of the library? I can’t help without an image of what the map looks like.

This is the only part that needs more stuff to be added to it. I was thinking of some couches and maybe another secret pathway.

I think that it needs windows, couches, and some bookshelves.

This map is designed to be indoor and players shouldn’t see what is outside, but fake windows might work.

Ah. Then simply add more paintings and bookshelves, and couches.

The walls are looking quite plain, maybe add some more stuff to the walls.

I would have never known this was a library until you said it was, I can’t get a library vibe here.

Your idea is good I will be adding more stuff to the walls. And I won’t send the images of the whole map, I just sent the images of what is empty and needs work.

From my point of view the library looks quite odd looking the material could be recreated, I’ll try adding things that are related to a library or used throughout the entire build I would always use reference images to gather small ideas to fill in the empty area within your build it should fit the theme your normally going for.

The image doesn’t show much put into it however I can say it’s still a work in progress build I’ll try throwing things that are related to a library (quite places, a social place for interaction or reading ect) try placing a few smaller item around plants, I’ll try to not overdo the objects since it’ll look to cluttered with random items placed in random area.

My only recommendation would be gathering image of the things you need ideas from. Doing this will provide you with some ideas to implement to your map. I’ll try switching up the materials and use some proper color pallets.

It looks good for the most part but wood on wood??? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I suggest that the walls be maybe concrete? You could also put some crown molding and some paneling.

Great references you should use, also, try searching up “library layout” (which is what I did lol)