Need info about gamepasses

Before anyone says that it doesn’t fit on this category i don’t know if it fit but i don’t know where else to ask this so i am just asking here.

I want to hear if you own a group and that group has a game with gamepasses is there a way to get the gamepasses for free if you made the game?

if u made the gamepass im pretty sure u get it automatically

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You have to put it to 1 robux and buy it to get it for “free” and then change it back to its original price.

You get the gamepass only when you create them for your games, when creating gamepasses for group games you have to purchase them after you create them.


You can use a server script in server script service that detects when anyone you need to give gampasses joins the game through player id and then give them the game passes functions that way or set a value which is checked that gives the player the gamepasses functionality. Another way you can do it is when prompting the purchase check player user ID before doing so and run the purchase as normal.
Do not
Use a remote event for this unless it is secure on the server checking the player user is however I would not recommend this regardless.