Need Investors for Mark IT!

About The Game

Mark IT is a 3rd person shooter, but unlike most roblox 3rd person shooters, Mark IT mainly focuses on more simplistic looks and plans to contain features most games on roblox don’t have. The Game has been developed by only me, MazinMark, until I have decided to hire others to increase Development. In doing so, I will need the investors otherwise there is no reason to convince developers to join or continue to work.
Here are some keys Mark IT Includes

Key Mechanics

  • Events - New Updates, New Challenges, New Fun. Events help keep players active by participating new challenges in a limited amount of time. Events also bring new, creative content, and making this content along with more, smaller, mechanics will increase the strategy of the game depending on how the mechanics are thought out.

  • Mechanics - Speaking of Mechanics, From Exploding glass balloons to spikey cloud cannons, new mechanics will come out. A good example of creative mechanics is the “Booster Pad” or the “Toy Hammer” from Reason 2 Die Awakening, created by @PlaceRebuilder Although The Idea has been possibly made before, its a really fun mechanic and at the same time, challenging, especially in a gamemode Called “Melee Smash”.

  • Gamemodes - Speaking of Gamemodes, Some advanced gamemodes are being planned, but more basic gamemodes like TDM or FFA are already being worked on at this moment, well not exact, but I think you get what I mean. Gamemodes, like mechanics, will be thought out, bring new challenges, and bring loads of fun. Gamemodes will be different and will level the game differently, an example is disallowing Automatic weapons in a “Special Mode” which is like a sub-mode / alternate option of a gamemode unless its a big enough mode to be considered a mini-game, like pong except you have to shoot the ping-pong ball at the goal instead of just moving a paddle board on an axis.

  • Content/Assets - Finally we get to the picture-book part. The Game is simplistic, but is sharp-edged, for example a square have sharp edges, so its like pixelated, but there is polys. For Example There is a circle and an octagon, the octagon would be more prefered for the topic than the circle. Some Pictures below show some progress on the game before Redevelopment Stage 2 occoured (9/14/2019)

The Investments

When you Invest, you get a special Investor type of VIP, and about 5% of the profit for every 1250 Robux, 15% is the maximum you can obtain but you can still invest more just for the generosity.
The Goal for our investments is split in to categories:

  • Developers/Game - I ask for atleast 1500 Robux, most will be spent for developers, the rest will go towards game content like Badges.
  • Advertisements - I ask for atleast 1000 Robux AFTER the completion of the game.


UI - The User Interface Below Consists of some examples, they are artwork for the game.
NotHit HIT
Point Gamepass Icons:
100Points 750Points
Other Icons [Some Even Example Game Content]:
SCOPE2 image image image
image image image image

Thank You for viewing

-Sincerely, MazinMark

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Alright, so people will invest in your game, but what will they receive in return? A percentage? Money back guaranteed?

There we go, I have fixed that up thanks for mentioning before that vague information ruined my post.

Your lacking quite a bit of vital information for people that might potentially be interested in investing.

• Who are the developers you’ve hired to work on the project and what do they do?

• Where are the screenshots of the game itself? It’s impossible to invest without seeing the game itself.

• What is the timeline of the game? How long has it been in development and when is it being released?

You might want to include this information if you want investors to be interested.


I’ll start adding some details as soon as possible, sorry about the vague information.

About how long will it take until the completion of the game, and release?

I’m currently working on the UI so nothing has really been “added” to the game but progress has been made, the release date is unknown atm, but I’m guessing a month or so?

So you’re asking for 1k for advertising?? Seriously??

First off, I’d like to say I am a huge fan of the game idea… In the past when I’ve ran ads, 1k does not get much… It solely depends on the ads…

For the 1k robux for advertising I can look past, but 1.5k for developers?? I’ve never met one dev team that would work for 1.5k combined… Most of the past projects would be 10-20k each…

Please add me on discord at 12904#1757… We can discuss this a bit further and I may even have an offer for you…


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