Need Pointers for Making a Tool to Select a Part Face (For a Plugin I'm trying to make)

I am new to plugins and I am trying to implement selecting two part faces on a block so that the plugin can work properly. I am looking for a result similar to @stravant’s plugin in his “ResizeAlign” tool.
How would I go about implementing a feature like this? If anyone has any pointers or tips they can give me to lead me in the right direction it would me most certainly helpful. This might be a little ambitious for somebody who is new to making plugins, but I really like the idea I have in mind so I’m trying my best to make it happen.

You can use the Mouse.TargetSurface property. Then you could insert a decal into the part and set the decal’s face property to the face that the mouse is pointing at.

This looks promising! I’m not in studio at the moment but I’ll definitely check this out when I can.

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