Need scripter for an unfinished game

Hello there. I am considering to finish a scrapped game. It was a game I was working on. It’s called “Builderman Take over: The Morphing”. You can see the game’s lobby here: I will need a scripter to script for this game. Also, I am moving the game to the Chrisofdoom Studios group.

You will script menus, as well as scripting the teleporters between the lobby and levels.

I only pay in Robux. You can tell me the payment you would like to receive. Please note I am not able to do an upfront payment just yet.

How to apply
Message me here on the DevFourms on DM me on my Twitter, which is @ChrisofdoomD.
You must be 13 years old or older to apply!

FYI: 600 robux is equivalent to $2.10

I suggest you increase the amount displayed if you want more responses.


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