Need scripting ideas!

Greetings Everyone!

I’m MuxToon, but you can call me Mux!
I’m a Builder/Modeler/Designer and Starter Scripter on Roblox!

I’ve been sitting here wondering, what can I do next to progress since I know the basics of scripting…
Can you please suggest any ideas on what I should do next?
– Can be any type of game –


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Simple clicker game. Make a box which you click which gives you 1 click per click. Once you have 100 clicks you get to upgrade so now you get 2 clicks per click. Nice and simple project.


Make a game like Piggy, MM2, or Arsenal.

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I think a game like that is kind of hard for a starter scripter. He should try something simpler and build up the difficulty level first.

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A clicking game for practice would be a good start.

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Yes, he needs to learn to make guns and some UI visibility and nothing else for FPS games. Others might be hard. He needs to browse and learn.

A game like that, would be out of my League to say…