Need solutions to issue regarding tent support and pins, any ideas?

  • What is your issue?

    I’m facing a dilemma with this tent I’ve been working on for the past week or so, regarding the metal aspect of the tent, mainly the supports and pins, I’m struggling to find creative solutions to my issue and that’s why I need your assistance, since you guys might have a fresh take on the problem.

  • What does the tent look like?

    This is the current version of the 'tent’

  • What is your building style?

    It’s intended to be similar to most post-apocalyptic games like After the Flash, however, that being said, it’s intended to look more refined in the design of each prop, weapon, et cetera. I will be sure to have a screenshot here to help visualize what I want the tent to look similar to regarding style.

    This is the building style


I don’t know if this would fall under, creative solutions for you - but to my untrained eye I visualize supports holding the tent like this.
I think if you use the metal poles and ropes from your shelving or other items in your build style, it would look great. It already looks great! But yea. Just a some poles and rope. That’s how I’d do it.


Thank you! I’ll make sure to try out that type of design.

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Try adding nails to the corners of the tent (this probably has an sort of “old” theme for it,but if you want to add then ok)

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