Need some feedback on my UI

So today I was just generally fooling around and bein lazy, when I decided to do something productive so I made a simple cartoony blue themed UI


What do you think?


I like the GUI’s overall, just one thing. I feel the buttons don’t match too much with the rest of the GUI’s. I espiecally think the Twitter codes button doesn’t fit. If you could, I would recommend making a custom Twitter bird icon.

I’m not sure about the red “x” button in the corner. In my opinion, I would make the X button **white.

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Very nice. The curved edges make it soft on the eyes. In my opinion, the background (white with your name) needs to contrast more with the blue boxes.

My name is just for the watermark, I didn’t really think about making it a part of the UI since it’s just for security of my assets, but I will keep this in mind.

I’m not sure if the background is just for show of the blue guis, so here is another thing: The twitter buttons etc don’t have the same smoothness as the rest of your guis.

Technically I did make a custom one since I edited saturation, tint, temperature, and shadows on my own, care to explain how it does not contrast?

I meant that it hurts to look at the text because there is too much white.

Nope, I had no regard for the background, I just put watermarks there for security

Yeah I realized that after I posted. No worries!

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The rest of the UI has a very cartoony look and feel, lots of rounded edges, even in the font. The twitter logo has a lot of clean lines, and I don’t think it matches with the font, in specific.

I could add a roundness factor but that would just make it looked like a depressed bird, any ideas on what I could do, I know, this is one of my UI’s that I was speeding through sorry

I feel the text doesn’t really match the UI that much, but other than that it is a good UI.

Hmm. Maybe a bit more decoration, or some color? Kinda reminds me of the Ninja Legends UI.

@worldwarbattle yeah, I experimented with the text on this one

@ParkCityUSA you really think so? Hmm I haven’t played ninja legends so I’ll have to check it out, this was done in like 30 minutes so didn’t really have time for any outstanding designs

I like it a lot, I never could have done that by myself.

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simple but beautiful, maybe try to add something more interactive to it?

Like put it in a game? Uhh I just made a design :sweat_smile: idk what game I would use this in lol thanks for the compliment, means a lot

I really don’t see anything wrong with it.

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