Need some help making a Game icon!

Hello, I need to make a icon for my Roblox game, but I dont know how to make a good icon. If you have any tips please tell me them!

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It must be 3D.
Colorful, iconic, and most importantly, the game statistics must be good itself.
Use blender and some editing softwares such as photoshop

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For tips, I suggest adding a Roblox player that relates to your game. (You can use things like blender) For my games, I normally display the title of the game although that is optional and just my preference. Let me know if you need any more tips, I definitely have some more lol.

I personally make thumbnails and icons for my games using pixlr (You can search it up and watch a tutorial if you need). It’s a free and easy to use photo editing software that can be learned in probably 10 minutes. It’s always my go to when editing images and backgrounds for whatever I’m doing. (Sorry for going a little off track, but I pretty much meant to say that everything that I make from pixlr turns out awesome!)

pixlr is terrible, photopea much better in the long run

Oh, I’ve never heard of that before, I’ll go check it out actually!

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