Need some help to come upp with a game theme

Hi all so if i take this from the start i was just testing my self and see what i can do it ended with a success or what u can say. Anyways so what i did was i made my own sandbox tycoon totally from scratch. And i made my own dropper system since u know when just blocks gets out from no where that’s kinda boring so i made my own its a test machine.
I will for sure change it to build something else it can be anything.

But my point of this is just that as i said i only tested my self but now when i have come this far i was thinking on making it to a game.

There is just a issue that i cant get through so basicly i cant seem to find or think of a theme for the game it self like i don’t want anything that’s unnecessary or something that already exists what i do want is a game theme that’s new and unique.

Any ideas or something that u know that would be new or unique, would for sure help me out

For those who want to see what i have or what i mean by everything videos is down below

(Not everything)

Here is the progress on the custom dropper (and no it doesn’t need to be a cube it can be anything the cube is there just for test)

here is the progress system on the placement system

Btw i hope this was the right place to ask for help about this

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How about a mars base tycoon? You build a colony on mars, use drills (droppers) to mine ores which then get refined and you can use these to build things like oxygen gardens or crew quarters.

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So about that one since i like the building machine how would i do that to the drills?

It can get a little complicated, you’d need to clone the drill model from storage when player requests placement. Additionally, if you want to give player a preview, you need to clone the model and make it transparent.

Yes ik i alredy have that it like the placement is done its just that how would i do the dropper drill like video 1 (Doesnt need to be a cube)

I’m not sure what you mean by that

Ok what i meant was since u suggested drill dropper yes that will be work but i am into the video i linked above so if i will go for the drill dropper what is ur idea if i want something like this (and no it doesnt need to be a cube)