Need some idea's for a Turkistan styled map. Thoughts?

Heyo, I’m making a map for a Paintball game. Need some idea’s for a Turkistan styled map, with a small twist. Here’s what I have so far:

Feel free to look up Turkistan, see what It’s all about. I’m very open to idea’s, so just reply on this anytime. Also, I’m not looking for any idea’s in specific, you can be as creative as you want, but do also take a look at the style of building I’ve showed you before posting an idea. :slight_smile:

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I’m going to assume you’re talking about the geographical region here:

Which covers nine countries.

That’s a very large area… are you looking for any particular environment?

Not exactly looking for anything much, but something without to many hilly-type landscapes. This probably doesn’t give you much insight on what I want, but I’m looking for anything that sounds pretty sweet. (P.S, I’m going to be making a sandy-type map.)

So you’re trying to create a desert-like map? How about making your build look like Central Asian Northern Desert?


Here’s some images of what I think you’re looking for:


Looking at these two pictures, you’d probably want mild dunes with texture similar to Roblox’s default sand texture.

You’d want lots of small bushes in small colonies, with some dead and some alive.

It also seems like certain parts will be lower than the rest, and contain darker parches with little vegetation.

The higher dunes also seem to have no plants, so plants would only rest in the center areas.

There should be a lot of tiny peaks in the sand, sometimes bunching around the plants.


It could also contain to occasional tor or hill.

If you’re looking for any structures, try to make them look like the ones above. The mountains should be rough, with lots of small crevices and with the occasional plant and rock sticking out.

Anyways I hope this helped, good luck on whatever you’re making- ヾ(^-^)ノ

Are you looking for a CERTAIN region? It depends where you’re talking about.

I’m confused on what you mean… he requested a sandy area, and said any sandy area would do. So I recommended the Central Asian Northern Desert as it’s a large desert inside of Turkestan.

And deserts are sandy. :desert:

You could add buildings. Tufts of grass, sand banks, sand bags, vehicles. I looked up turkistan and it’s an ancient city with beautiful buildings. Try to add stuff like this in the bg. I dislike terrain editor but you can use it for realism

Oh okay, I didn’t notice that part.


Turkistan is not a city, it’s a region that covers 9 countries. I’d highly doubt that there’s a megacity covering 9 countries.

Misspoke but thanks for pointing it out