Need some opinions for city roleplay game features

Hello Hello,

I am Jo; a Teen Canadian developer, recently I have found myself enjoying city roleplay games that have jobs and first responder teams, now all the games I have found have not properly balanced anything, in my opinion, things such as the map are too big for the player count, some teams are released without enough content and everything juicy like that!

Now while I am not 100% sure that this is the correct place, I would like to ask the community a few questions since I think that public outreach can easily contribute to a good game,

1) Which would you prefer?

Roblox provides a lot of options for a player character, the current two that I have been thinking about are the following;

i) Roblox Block Avatar


This Character would be easy to customize being that it is a block, and clothing would be well scaled.


This Character would take away from the realism of the game(while the cars are going to be a smooth blocky design)

ii) Roblox Boy Avatar


Adds realism, better for animating


Harder to develop assets for, Clothing doesn’t fit as well.


This leads to my second question.

2) What features would you think would help you enjoy this?

3) Do you think you would personally enjoy this game?

If you decide to answer any of these questions I thank you for your time and expect a swift reply from me showing my opinion on your suggestions!

Have a great day/night wherever you are!


Ok, so for the first one, I think it’s more of an opinion-based decision. If you want realism to be your #1 objective, then go with the boy model, you can look at tutorials of how to import rigs into blender (assuming you’re modeling the clothes) or you can go with the blocky one. I don’t know what you mean by R15, but I would recommend using R15 as it could help with animation.

(pls wait while I type the next part to this)

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For the next question, we look at this from a player perspective. Remember that it’s best to get advice from multiple people! :smiley_cat:
I personally think character customization is fun to do, but there should also be a keep avatar button to revert back to your avatar (if you want to keep the same model, do only the clothes; similar to Bedwars)
But, for the third question, you may not want to ask me. :sweat_smile: I’m not the biggest fan of job simulator games, as doing the same thing over and over gets repetitive for me.
BUT, you can ask some willing people on simulator games what they like about simulator games, it’s a nice way to get more player opinions instead of developer opinions.
Anyway, thank you for actually taking the time to read all that, I will answer questions if needed! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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This game features a character creator, so they Roblox avatar are not used at all in the game nor their username.

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Ah, well, in that case, you could make a model selector, where players can choose the model. The downside for this, however, is that you might spend time making separate outfits for each model. Do you have hired people or are you doing this solo?

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Personally solo since I dont think a project like this needs more people yet

Are you making the clothes as a texture, or are you 3-D modeling?

Hasn’t been decided at this moment.

roblox blocky avatar. the boy model makes you look like a CHILD. i would rather use robloxian/roblox 2.0 then blocky, also maybe make the body type changeable but dont include blocky?

You see, the problem with that is it would mess with the character creation, so I can only have one type, Boy Package would be customized but in reality it is the most realistic but hardest to develop for.

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yes but it is a CHILD i’d say to use robloxian 2.0 its a good compromise

tbh not exactly. The hands are more like Lego and I’m going directly for almost PC crashing realism.

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then again, you could create your own package for your games if you wanted to.