Need someone to make miniature trains (6,600 R$ Group Payout or USD equivalent)

Very simple building request, essentially I have a train game I’m working on similar to cities skylines in terms of what I’m planning on the trains working like. You’ll be able to drive the trains yourself, as well as automate trains between stations, earning money for each passenger that gets on and off the train

Some other irrelevant but possibly interesting info

Right now the trains you may see in-game are simply locally moved and rendered parts that guess a train route between two stations, these are not representative of what the finished ‘product’ will be like, but they do give an idea of what the trains will look like in action.

I’m planning on having two ‘basic’ types of train, a metro train:

Like this


And a freight train,

Like this

I also want two other types, “classic” steam locomotive and a high speed train something like Eurostar:

Locomotive and high speed

Game link

Trains Tycoon [PRE-ALPHA] - Roblox

Payment amounts [Not available individually, just a breakdown of payments]


  • Metro train; relatively simple to build, should take around 15-20 minutes at most to construct, Payment R$ 700 + 1 drawn carriage which is duplicatable and fits in with the front of the train, just edit the front carriage so it fits in as a passenger carriage (+ R$ 150)
  • Freight train; more detail than making a metro train, therefore 15-30 minutes rough construction time, Payment R$ 1000 + 3 drawn carriages. Ideas for these are: Logs, Coal, Fuel tanks, Containers (+ R$ 250 each)
  • Steam Locomotive; higher detail 20-30 minutes rough construction time and Payment R$ 1300 + 1 Passenger carriage which is duplicatable (+ R$ 800)
  • High-speed train; about the same as the locomotive in detail 20-30 minutes rough construction time and Payment R$1300 + 1 Passenger carriage which is duplicatable (+ R$ 600)

Total payment: R$ 6,600 Group payout.

The trains should be 1,0.3,0.3 studs large [Roughly, doesn’t matter if you’re a couple of 0.1’s off.

DM me on the devforums, payment is immediate after delivery of trains and carriages. I might take a few hours or possibly longer to reply as I’m very busy in real life right now. Thanks - SteadyOn


Just to reiterate, I am not looking for trains of the detail shown in the real life pictures of the OP,
This sort of level of detail is great, infact the train in this image may be too detailed. I don’t need any axels or anything like that underneath the train, just put some wheels and possibly a couple of individual parts to fill in the spaces where there would be parts under the train.

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