Need to improve my game flow

Hello roamers of the forum,

I’m working on a simple platformer game where you can jump, double-jump, and run on floating tiles to reach the end. This is my first ever game, so I’m excited to release it and have something to show on my profile.

The problem is, the flow of the game sucks. Ever since I added the double jump mechanic, something ruined it for me. I have all these variables I could tweak to improve the overall flow, but I don’t know what to change.

That is why I want people to test my game out and see what they think about the mechanics of the game. I’m mostly looking for feedback on the gameplay, nothing on any other part of the game. (but feel free to comment on it if you’d like to)

Then, after a week or so I’ll take all the feedback and go back to the drawing board. Expect bugs (like the jump pad not working all the time, or tiles flickering) and a very unpolished, incomplete game. Everything you see will probably change idk.

Here is the link: (I’ve kept the max players at 1)

I hope you guys visit the game and give some honest feedback. I would highly appreciate it!

(hope they allow this, ill remove once i get notified)
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I’d recommend looking into some atachments and body movers to make the jumping feel a bit better as currently you aren’t able to quickly change direction mid jump. Also try adding some animations because the normal roblox walking ain’t cutting it for the speed you move at.
Also I have absolutely no clue what to do as I am to scared to talk to the npcs.

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It’s okay. It feels more like a testing obby than a anything else. There is not much gameplay to comment on. The yellow tile boosted me the first time and not the second so I fell to my death.

I think you should add animations, something like this:Be A Parkour Ninja - Roblox
would be a good idea. It has nice animations. You could add wallrunning and combat as most platformers in the 80s-90s had added combat to them. You could add music, different maps etc…
The building is nice!

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Noted! I’ve also been thinking about adding animations, I’ll probably work on that when I get the player movement right!

I’ll be looking into attachments and body movers too, they seem to be important.