Needed scripter for Platoon system & Custom Leaderboard

Hello there,

I’m looking for a scripter that is able to make it so a player with a certain group rank upon joining the game can create his own platoon with a custom name, by creating the platoon it needs to allow the creator of the platoon to:

Assign people from his team to the platoon by simply clicking on them and adding a circle above their head
Simple UI list of players belonging to his platoon
Generating a simple 5 digits code upon platoon creation that will allow people to join already being automatically added to that platoon
Automatic spawn on officer if the officer is more than 300 studs from the enemy, if the distance is less than that a simple label saying that it is not possible infact to spawn due to that circumstance.

Apart from that a simple custom leaderboard that will show the kills, deaths, rank abbreviation before the user’s name, however when a platoon is created, it goes directly to the leaderboard and shows the players that belong to that unit in the leaderboard under the platoon’s name category.

Payment: 30K-50K R$
Contact: Dexthius#7154

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