Needing a Graphics Commission

The Job

Hello! I am currently looking for someone to make a small asset for me. I am hoping that this asset can be finished by the end of this week. This should be a pretty simple and quick commission to complete. So, here is what I need.

I am making a teleporter just like the teleporter from the game Outlaster. I am looking to replicate that teleporter for my personal game. Below is a picture of the design I need.

I am looking for someone to somewhat replicate this design with a high resolution.


If you do not like the payment, please move on and don’t complain about it. Commenting about it doesn’t help anyone.


I am willing to pay someone a total of 300 R$ + tax via gamepass if you are interested. I know this is a very low price, but I am working with what I have. I am trying to finish this lobby so I can interest people in working for me and to get investors.


If you are interested, contact me here on discord.

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