Needing Feedback / Suggestions - [FOR SALE] Parlor/CAFE Update :

Hello, I’d love if you guys could give me an estimated price and some feedback and suggestions, This is only after been made. It’s not 100% finished I’m just looking for estimates. Could you guys please give me prices in Robux and euros. Much appreciated :smiley: So happy to get the majority of this finished. Thanks for the feedback earlier on hopefully this will be better.


Looks good! The interior where the cash registers seem really empty though (3rd image), I’d recommend you add some stuff there.

If you add seating, etc. i’d probably value it at 30-40k.

Also, the proper channel for selling is #collaboration:asset-marketplace.

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Yes. With the addition of the interior, it is complete. The lighting and design is stunning. It is gorgeous and magnificent. This is easily worth 50k. Amazing work.

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Cool so where would the seats go, Like if you could direct? Thanks for the feedback

Thanks for the feedback. Do you know any legit sources I could sell it too? Superb feedback thanks.

Would this be alright? I just quickly added that there.

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Looks good! That screenshot also makes it look a bit dark, I think you can integrate some lights above the counters where the signs would go

Wow. AMAZING! :smile: I’d say this can get 40-50K easily. Hope you find a buyer; he’ll be really lucky to have this build! However, one suggestion: it’s a bit dark. Consider adding more lighting.

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