Needing help with designing a shop for player engagement/monetization

I hope i’m formatting this well from mobile

I launched my first studio produced game a few days ago and currently were struggling to create a shop which engages players.

We currently have ‘Trails’ and ‘Boosts’ to make players want to play the obby’s round based system however we want to make this shop contain more, meaning players will play or spend more.

Current ideas were to do with;

  • Death Animation
  • Win shop (allowing users to unlock content).

Emotes? 2nd retry? (30 characters)

I think you should consider adding things that affect rounds, like double jumping and a speed powerup, things that change up gameplay, as these things are what the player will really want. Cosmetics don’t keep the player engaged a lot compared to the core gameplay. If rounds aren’t so exciting, players might not come back.

It is possible to create shop with only cosmetics (Arsenal, Flood Escape, Horrific Housing (Exculding Ladder item), Deathrun (I think), etc.), though, you may spend lots of time creating lots of cosmetics that people actually want to buy to warrent a good shop. Otherwise, there’s still barely anything to buy.

Though, I believe I might be wrong.

Yeah emotes could work, I think like odd dances/poses would be nice.

Yeah we have a ‘boosts’ shop which opens up Player boosts and Server boosts currently for speed, jump and them both in 1.

Yeah i’m wanting to try and boost monetization allowing us to advertise and make our game more popular.