Needing Scripters for a story game!

About Us

Hello! We are Lion Head Games, we make high-quality games such as story games, etc.

The Team
@TangyBlockmaster100 - Owner
@ThoughtP4sta - Co Owner
@21kOsaka - Head Developer/ Builder
@username - Programmer

About The Job

We are looking for experienced scripters that can script story games and as a long term, we are needing scripters for NPCs, map teleport, NPC interaction, cutscenes, etc.


We will share 25% of group/ game earnings.

Contact Us

Contact us on DevForum messages ONLY or via discord: andrew.#5258

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Can we get a little more information about the project itself? Like what you need, what you want us to do, etc.

Edited it, please read it, thank you!

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