Needles, how to add?

I am well aware that Roblox does not typically allow needles in games, for obvious reasons. However, my group would like to add needles/injecting needles into players with the intent that we are injecting curses/plagues into players. I’ve considered making a giant oversized needle, perhaps that would work? Or maybe a glowing liquid inside of it? My goal will 100% be to fill the needle with a glowing liquid that’s like neon green or pink, bright colors to indicate it isn’t something like drugs or anything against ToS. But I’m just trying to think of ways to even allow the needle to be added how I want. Is this a lost cause? If it is I’ll look for alternate options, but I’m just wondering if anyone knows if and how I can actually do the needle concept.

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I would go for your average sized needle, but you could build it on the big scale, and if you don’t like the size of the needle, you could always scale it down! I would suggest using the needle provided with the roblox catalog package, “Dr. Fia Typhoid.”