Needs a update for avatar/name. | DevForum Problem

So when you are on the DevForum, and you change your name/avatar, you have to log out of your DevForum account and back in to see changes. Why can’t it just update without doing that.

ROBLOX Staff, if you are seeing this, please fix it.

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Discourse has some caching issues, so if a bug regarding that doesn’t exist you should make one.

It looks like the reason they don’t update is because of the single sign-on (SSO).

It also isn’t very efficient to update the profile pic every time you change your look. Plus I don’t see why you would be changing your avatar or your name so frequently anyway?

DevForum uses discourse. This is not something Roblox staff can fix. Instead, you should report it to Discourse.

The forum only ever phones home when you log in, so it can never automatically know when your avatar updates. Changing this would require changing the SSO method.

This has been brought up hundreds of times before. Use search.