(Needs Maintainer) Nexus VR Character Model [Open Source]

This has probably been stated in this thread before, but I don’t quite feel like manually searching through 106 messages just for a chance at finding the answer.

How do I get the position of the player’s hands?
The reason I ask is because I want to have the regular player model be invisible client-side, since some packages (more specifically the default, blocky one that I use) can obstruct your view a good bit, and I’d like to have custom hands be visible just to your client that are much more compact and customizable, allowing for a cleaner view. These custom hands could also double as the source for interactivity collisions.

So the point is, how would I get the hand’s position?

Nexus VR Character Model isn’t really intended to be a third-person system for long-term use. It was either meant to get a quick look at your character or to do a quick video of you in VR. VR these days is either intended to be a first-person view of a character or a third-person viewer of a large world (i.e. “VR hands” type games).

This has been touched on before but not quite asked. I am assuming for your use cases:

  1. It can be done on the client (server is more complicated)
  2. You need it relative to world-space, not to the camera (Camera is a tiny bit more math, but nothing huge)

If that is the case, the solution is to do what you would do for a normal character:

local Character = game:GetService("Players").LocalPlayer.Character
local LeftHandCFrame = Character:FindFirstChild("LeftHand").CFrame
local RightHandCFrame = Character:FindFirstChild("RightHand").CFrame

With this, you can actually test outside of VR since it should just work on normal R15 characters.


Oh, that’s actually way simple than I thought. I guess this works since Nexus automatically poses your character, didn’t think about that, thanks!

I have a issue about this, I cannot use the chat keyboard for some reason, does anyone also have a problem about chat keyboards?

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Is it possible to do vr without vr?

Why? Nexus VR Character Model attempts to solve the problem of playing in first-person in VR because of the problems of Roblox’s default camera and character. The only problems that really can be solved outside of VR are things like tilting your head, which requires a completely different solution.

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I just wanted to say there are exploit scripts that allow you to play without VR.
But the problem is that there are no ordinary scripts that allow you to actually move your arms and head in Roblox Studio

that’s why I’m asking you if there is any solution to change the script that let you play vr but in pc

(Sorry for my english)

I don’t support this use case and don’t plan to. Current VR setups involve a headset and 2 hand controllers, each of which have 6 dimensions (3 positional and 3 rotational). Mapping them to a keyboard and mouse is very impractical. Even if it was practical, there is no way to emulate the VR UI and other quirks of having a head-mounted display. At this point, there is no substitute to actually testing with the actual hardware.

I’m one of those people, none of the Roblox UI works as intended either.
(Vive Cosmos Elite, if you’re wondering.)

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All official roblox ui is broken, mainly the cursor. Trying to edit settings or type into a chat box is much harder or just impossible.
The nexus cm uses official chat ui (probably because making a custom chat ui is a large pain to do).

I searched through the core scripts to find out why this was happening and that best conclusion I could find was Key.MouseButton1Down isn’t getting fired.


Found a solution, but it’s pretty complicated and stupid.

How do i disable the teleport movement. I only want the walking movement enabled.

In the loader script, you will need to modify EnabledMovementMethods to only have SmoothLocomotion.

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I just played a game that uses this Model but R6. Your module by default doesn’t support R6 as you feel it is outdated and less powerful technology, and R15 is just better with it, I personally agree. Much more expressive.

However, If I wanted to get the same R6 experience like this person did with your module, how would I go about doing so?

Example of it in action:

The gameplay is quite fun with R6 as it is R15


I have no clue what was done here, but this use case isn’t supported. Consider posting in #help-and-feedback:scripting-support for ideas on how to accomplish this. However, API and catalog-wise, R6 is being left behind, so it may not be ideal to create new content using it.


Okay, I will proceed to make a post in the category. If you do have any hint as to how this was possible, I’d love to hear it in Direct Message or here. If not, that’s fine too. Hopefully I do figure it out. Would be a nice thing to put together, even if it is being left behind.

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The developer of this game is amazing for trying to configure the code to enable and trigger R6 to work. Even making it have IK Is cool. I wouldn’t see why not to get this in another game.

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Is there any way for me to be able to pick up objects with this? I’ve always thought it would be cool for the player to pickup a sword or something and start fighting enemies or something.

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I’ve spoken to the creator of such game and they pointed me in the direction that allowed me to pull this method off myself without even touching the source code of the module. Still learning a tiny bit about it though! I was able to get an R6 rig animated by VR however, which was nice.

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