Negative part turns to positive part when unioning with script

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    I want to make a hole in a wall with a script.
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    Whenever I try to union negative parts and a normal part in roblox studio using a script, the negative parts turn positive. Here’s a clip:
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I looked on the dev forum, nothing.
I have tried to create the negative parts using a script, but when I did that it gave me error -25 when I tried to union them

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-- Code I used for the script
-- // Variables
local negativeModel = workspace.Negatives
local negativeParts = {}
local mainPart = workspace.UnionPart
-- // Add parts to table
	for v, i in pairs(negativeModel:GetChildren()) do
			table.insert(negativeParts, #negativeParts + 1, i)
	-- // Script
	local union = mainPart:UnionAsync(negativeParts)
	union.Parent = workspace
	union.Name = "UnionedPart"
	union.Anchored = true
	for v, i in pairs(negativeModel:GetChildren()) do

If you know how to fix that, please reply.

When creating a union you have 1 main part, which you used correctly after that you are able to chose to negate (normal) parts/unions from it (they do not have to be negated first).

After making the decision if you wish to remove parts from the union or add you will
either use:


To union it together or to substract parts from it like so:


In your case you used :UnionAsync with negated parts, but instead you should just use :SubtractAsync with normal parts.

Read more here:

Instead of doing the following:

for v, i in pairs(negativeModel:GetChildren()) do
	table.insert(negativeParts, #negativeParts + 1, i)

You could just do:

local negativeParts = negativeModel:GetChildren()

As it gives the same result, an array with all the children of the “negativeModel”.

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I tried it and it worked. Thank you for your help!